Jefferson County Kentucky Patent Abstracts

  1. Grants G, Page 41 – Abraham Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 800 acres adjoining John Dawrews Preemption. 1 June 1782. Card 25-Document
  2. Grants V, Page 646 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 334 acres of land on a Sinking Run supposed to be waters of Little Clifty and bounded on the north by Baker and Ewings 1025 acres survey. 2 December 1785. Card 37-Document
  3. Grants V, Page 668 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 100 acres on Soverns Creek adjoining John Soverns 300 acres survey. 2 December 1785. Card 38-Document
  4. Grants U, Page 167 – Solomon Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 500 acres adjoining the lands of Philip Ross on the south waters of Harrods Creek. 24 December 1785. Card 64-Document
  5. Grants Y, Page 336 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 234 acres on Coc’s Creek adjoining Fitch, May and McGee. 20 April 1786. Card 39-Document
  6. Grants Z, Page 685 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 238 acres of land on Cox’s Creek adjoining John Fitch and the Heirs of Thomas McGee. 8 May 1786. Card 40-Document
  7. Grants 2, Page 212 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 295 acres of land on the Dividing Ridge between the waters of Comes Creek and Simpsons Creek adjoining lands of Isaac Hite and John Fitch. 10 May 1786. Card 41-Document
  8. Grants 2, Page 651 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 300 acres of land adjoining Jacob Funks Survey on west side of Valley Creek and John Soverns survey at the mouth of Billeys Creek. 27 May 1786. Card 42-Document
  9. Grants Y, Page 433 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 400 acres on both sides of North fork of Cany, a branch of Rough Creek waters of Green River. 18 June 1786. Card 43-Document
  10. Grants 1, Page 306 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 100 acres on the west of lower side of Nolelinn Creek about 12 miles above the mouth and about 3 miles below the Flat Shoals. 20 June 1786. Card 44-Document
  11. Grants 6, Page 268 – Abraham Vanmeter and Robert Tyler; Jefferson County. 500 acres on the waters of Drennings Lick Creek adjoining Benjamin Neale. 20 September 1786. Card 26-Document
  12. Grants 6, Page 432 – Abraham Vanmeter and Robert Tyler; Jefferson County. 500 acres on the waters of Drennings Lick Creek. 20 September 1786. Card 27-Document
  13. Grants 18, Page 341 – Jacob Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 1400 acres on the Valley Creek and on the west side of the same. 15 August 1788. Card 45-Document
  14. Grants 18, Page 345 – Jacob Vanmeter and Reubin Case (Exors of Hezekiah Moss), Jefferson County. 400 acres on Bushes Creek a branch of Hardins Creek a branch of Ohio. 15 August 1788. Card 49-Document
  15. Grants 19, Page 475 – Isaac and Joseph Vanmeter; Jefferson County. 1000 acres on the waters of Drenons Lick Creek about two miles from the Licks including the Road. 18 June 1789. Card 34-Document
  16. Grants 26, Page 187 – Jacob Vanmeter, Jefferson County. 250 acres on Nolinn adjoining Jacob Frenchs 300 acres survey. 20 April 1792. Card 46-Document



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