Monongalia County Virginia Land Grant Abstracts

  1. Grants V, Page 643 Isaac Vanmeter; Monongalia County. 125 acres of land on Snowy Glade Creek. 2 December 1785. Card 30-Document
  2. Grants 4, Page 635 Isaac Vanmeter; Monongalia County. 156 acres of land on Snowy Glade Creek. 10 October 1786
  3. Grants 7, Page 276 Isaac Vanmeter; Monongalia County. 400 acres of land on the waters of Yohogania river including his settlement made in 1774. 21 November 1786. Card 32-Document
  4. Grants 25, Page 43 Joseph Vanmeter, Monongalia County. 2456 acres adjoining and above lands of Samuel Hanway, and land of Thomas Parsons on the head of the Middle fork of Big Steer Creek, a branch of the Little Kenhawa. 5 September 1791. Card 55-Document

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