Orange County Grant Abstracts

  1. Patents 15, Page 323 - John Vanmatre, Orange County.  885 acres on the Western side of Sherrando river, Beginning on the South side of Opeckon.  3 October 1734. Card 23-Document  Topo Plot

  2. Patents 15, Page 327 - John Vanmatre, Orange County.  1786 acres on the western side of Sherrando river, beginning just above a piece of Rich low land on west side of Josiah Jone's Mill run above fork.  3 October 1734.  Card 24-Document  Topo Plot

  3. Deed Book 2, Page 437 - Richard Morgan to John Van Metre, Orange County.  290 acres for 100 pounds.  23 August 1738.  Surveyed by Robert Brooke 12 April 1734.  Topo Plot

  4. Deed Book 1, Page 384 - Francis Pincher & wife Sarah to John Vanmeter, 100 acres.  18 November 1736.  Surveyed by Robert Brooke, 26 December 1734.  Topo Plot


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